Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

Today is my wonderful husband's 24th birthday! He is such a great guy, and he's all mine! :) I also wanted to brag a little bit, and let you all know that he got a promotion!! He is now a "level 2" employee at Boeing. We're not totally sure what all this entails, but it does come with a raise, and a bump in seniority. A level 2 employee is supposed to have 2-5 years of experience, and Tyler has almost 2 (his anniversary with Boeing is the 18th of August). Obviously, he has shown himself to be a good worker and of value to the company (not that I ever expected anything else...). Go, Tyler!! :)


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JD said...

happy belated bday TG and congrats on the promo!

Anonymous said...

Hows come we have to read Gill's blog to find this out TYLER! Nice job! We're very proud!