Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This blanket is not for me ;) Sorry if I got your hopes up...

Sewing project!!

I finished my first (well, second, but the first was YEARS ago!) sewing project today! It's a little taggy blanket for a baby, about 14"X13". It turned out so cute (I think)!! It was a lot of fun, too. And my machine worked great. Good investment, I think...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Four years

That's how long Tyler and I have been married! Which means, we've actually been "together" for 8! That's a third of my life! But I have loved so much being with him and just knowing that he will be there always. I look forward to the next 60 years (or however long God gives us together). To celebrate our anniversary, we....watched a soccer game! Woohoo! Well, that's not completely true...we did watch a soccer game, and it was on our anniversary, but it was only because we had decided to celebrate this past weekend, instead of on a Tuesday. So, Saturday, we loaded up, drove about 2 hours up north, and went to Tulip Town. I have been wanting to get up there since we moved out here almost 3 years ago. Tyler graciously acquiesced, even though I'm sure it wasn't his first choice of things to do. :) So we spent about an hour wandering around the fields of beautiful flowers and taking pictures. Here's just a sampling:

My favorite (I think....it was really hard to pick!)

The "rainbow of tulips" (some colors had already bloomed and been cut off already)

I love the yellow ones!
The purple were so gorgeous too!
I love this picture, with the mountains in the background
Beautiful scenery out in the country.
Then we went to a little town called La Conner for lunch at a small cafe (delicious food!) and walked up and down the main street and into all the little shops. It was a great day!! Perfect weather, fun outing, and great company!
In other news, I got a sewing machine this weekend. I have been needing one for a while now, and finally we just decided to get one. I'm secretly a little excited to see what things I can make. :)
Tyler has also recently decided to become a Dive Con. This means he will be a "professional" diver. He will help certify students and have to have Liability Insurance in case something goes wrong. He's pretty excited about the opportunity, but more excited about the gear discounts!