Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ski trip

Well, before I write about the ski trip, I have to tell you all, I have officially experienced my first earthquake. Well, maybe it would be better to say that I have been in an earthquake, because I SLEPT THROUGH IT!!! Given the fact that it occured at 5:30am, I guess it's not too surprising that I was sleeping. But, I'm kinda excited that I can say I've been through an earthquake. You can read more about it here.

The ski trip is a semi-annual occurance. My parents have been skiing since before I was born, so the slopes are not foreign to me. This year, I chose to spend my time hanging out with my mom (who no longer skis) and make food for the guys instead of hit the slopes. We had fun having some mother-daughter time and the rest of the group had an excellent time sliding, skidding, and in general, falling, down the side of Copper Mountain. My dad is so comfortable on skis that he can ski backwards and video at the same time. He caught some great footage of jumps/crashes. Tyler had a couple good ones where he was very glad to have a helmet on.
We got to eat at Casa Bonita in Denver the first night which was excellent as always. Then we had three days of skiing/boarding, and left on Wednesday. It was a great trip and so fun to be with family. Zach and Elaine really missed out (really, guys, we did miss you, but I had to rub it in!).