Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catch up!

Well, once again, I've lost track of time! It's amazing how busy life can get. Over the last month, several things have taken place that are important to note. First off, our women's bible study started back up at church, so my job has picked up in intensity! We are still short about 4 ladies to have an ideal situation, but we're making it work. I have LOVED being back with my kids each week. They are precious and make all the stress worthwhile. Hearing their little voices telling me about some super-important issue (i.e. the plot of the movie Cars, wondering if it's windy outside, letting me know they have a sister, etc.) just melts my heart.

Tyler's job has changed a bit (again) and he's had a side project added to his normal work-load. All he can tell me about this particular project is that he's working on a ferring. Also with this project, he's getting put in for his Top Secret clearance, so he's pretty excited about that. It's not a for-sure thing at this point, but he's hoping it'll go through. He also got to volunteer for some flight testing, which is pretty cool. At this point, all he's done is fill out paperwork and get a physical done by an FAA certified doctor. Once the IAM stike is over and work resumes it's normal pace, he'll most likely be called upon to go up in the AWACS while they're testing all the new upgrades they're putting in. A great opportunity, but a little scary for me, knowing that it's untested! :)

In diving news, we were not able to continue our AOW (advanced open water) class after our deep dives because our instructor got into a bad situation and got DCS (decompression sickness) and had to spend 5 hours in a hyperbaric chamber. It is recommended that you not dive for a month after something like that happens, so we'll be picking up where we left off in about another week or so. A little scary to consider, but there are only about 3 incidents of the bends for every 10,000 dives, so it's unlikely that we will ever experience it.

Tyler's parents came to visit for a week this past week which was really fun! We spent the first weekend at Pacific Beach in a cabin owned by some friends from church. We had a great time relaxing and enjoying the beach. We spent the rest of their time here watching the Office Season 4, reading, and eating warm chocolate melting cake and Ethiopian food! It was a great week.

It's always sad to have life get back to "normal," but I have had enough to keep me busy. We are planning to go diving several times this week, before we have to give up Neil's tanks (he's been letting us use them since he had to be out of the water and wouldn't be needing them). It's been incredibly nice to 1) not rent tanks, and 2) use huge, high pressure steel tanks (119 cubic feet) as opposed to small, low pressure aluminum tanks (80 cubic feet). We have done several dives over 1 hour long with these tanks. It's been amazing, and we'll be buying our own steel tanks as soon as possible! :)