Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little craziness

Well, our life has changed a bit in the last month!  And quite suddenly, at that.  We got a call from Tyler's boss that he may be needed for a short-term work assignment near our hometown.  After some debating, we said sure.  We got the call Saturday, got final confirmation Monday, and we left on Tuesday.  Those were some hectic days!  We brought our cat with us (her first time flying).  Now we're here for 90 days and really enjoying time with family and old friends.  We also bought a car so when we return home, we'll be driving across half of the US! :)  My days have filled with catching up with people, cleaning my parents' house (we're staying with them for the 3 months!), and making dinner most nights.  It's been so fun to hang out with my parents and sisters on a regular basis and see family I don't normally get to see.  We've also been able to visit Tyler's parents a couple of times which has been great.  A very unexpected turn of events for our summer, but it's been wonderful!