Friday, March 20, 2009

Cora's Legacy

Probably all of you know about my friends Joel and Jess and their little girl, Cora. Well, this week, in my little hometown, the newspaper called the Macs and wanted to write an article about Cora's Playground. The article ran yesterday and was so great!! You can read it here. Within a few hours of the story running, a news reporter called Jess and wanted to do a short clip for the 10pm news in Wichita. So, after some hesitation, Joel and Jess decided to go for it. It also turned out excellent!! Both of these opportunities have been great chances for the gospel to spread and the Macs have taken full advantage. They are so brave and strong. You can see the video here. The link to the video is in the upper-left hand corner. Enjoy, and please keep praying for this dear couple. You can read about their thoughts and experiences on their blog.