Thursday, November 5, 2009

I want these

Reebok EasyTone Shoes - supposedly they make you feel like you're walking on sand and make your muscles work harder which tones your calves, thighs, and butt.

I wonder if they really work?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What's happenin'?

A whole lot, but not much blog-worthy. Life has settled into it's normal "school-year" routine for us. Despite the fact that we don't have kids, the years seems to break up into semesters and summers for us. Our fall "semester" looks like this: Sunday is church of course, and our church has added an evening service (which we have yet to attend, but would like to soon). Monday brings a meeting at church (every other week) during the day for me, and Christmas choir practice (yes, I said CHOIR!) for me and BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for Tyler in the evening. Tuesdays find me at church once again helping with childcare during the day, and it is $1 day at the local movie theater, so we are often found sitting in front of a screen on Tuesday nights (hey, you can barely RENT movies for $2 total, let alone see them in a theater!). Wednesdays are my days to work out and do things at home (clean, grocery shop, do laundry, etc.). Thursdays and Fridays I am at work all day. Saturdays vary in activities, but include diving, hanging with friends, RedBox movies, and home projects. Throw in some babysitting here and there, and some fun outings once in a while, and that is my life. Like I said, a lot going on, but none of it very blog-worthy.

I am already counting down the days til Christmas...54....even though we're not heading home this year. That is sad, but Christmas always makes me happy :)

Tonight we are meeting some friends for Ethiopian food. It has been too long! My tummy is growling in anticipation :)

Our computer, lovingly named "the Beast," died last week. So, we had to resurrect "Old Faithful" from almost 5 years ago. After a few days of waiting 2 minutes (grrrr!) for applications to open, we ordered a shiny, new quad-core computer. It will be here in 2 weeks. Let's hope we can keep our sanity for that long (remember the days when we thought Oregon Trail on DOS was super fast and cool?!)

I will be 27 in less than a month. That makes me feel old. On the up-side, whenever people ask how old I am and I tell them, they never believe me. I guess my name was very aptly chosen (you can google that one if you want more information).

We have officially taken a break from house-hunting. This made me sad as well, but through several circumstances, we both came to the conclusion that to keep pushing forward in this area, would be doing what WE wanted to do, not what God was telling us to do. So, we will be renting for at least another 6 months and see what happens from there. I must admit, it's been nice not being on the rollercoaster of "I love this house, I hope we get this house, this house is perfect for us, we didn't get the house AGAIN, *cry,* do we need to stop looking at houses, oh look at this house, I love this house...

There's some random tidbits about what's been happenin'. Maybe THIS time I will be better about keeping up with this thing :)