Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things I'm loving about our new house

It took us a while, but we've both finally decided we like our house! :) Here are some reasons why I do...

My pantry!

Yes, those are pull-out shelves on the left...I LOVE them! I'm getting spoiled for whatever house we buy next!

My dining room. It's still not quite finished (things aren't in their final resting positions- including the light), but it's getting there. Still in love with the wall color...

My appliance this invention!! Which also makes possible...

Uncluttered countertops!! (pay no attention to the dirty dishes please...)

I'm also digging our's not much compared to some, but it's way more of a view than we've had before. I love being able to see Puget Sound whenever I want to!

I love the sunsets here! At our rental house, we were surrounded by trees (which I also loved), so we never saw the sunsets. Here, we can see them in all their glory.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We closed!!

We finally become homeowners on July 27th...or, at least that's what we thought. That's when we got the keys. We found out on the 28th, however, that the recording office at the courthouse rejected part of our package, so we didn't actually close until the 28th when that got cleared up! We should have known something else would happen at the end of our journey as the whole process has been one challenge after another! But, that's all in past, and we have a house. Now comes the hard part of fixing it up. Several projects have already been completed which feels amazing, and several rooms have new paint. Soon, we'll have new carpet, too!! I'll post pictures soon.