Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ethi Night

We are part of an "E-group" at church called Married's Ministry, and this year they decided to do Fellowship 6. The idea is that you get together once a month for three months with 2 other couples, just to get to know each other outside of the "classroom." Each time you choose a theme for the evening and everybody brings something to correlate (appetizer, dessert, etc.). We did it last semester and had a great time so we signed up again in January. Well, we were the first hosts this round (each couple has a chance to host) and decided, after checking with everybody, to make our theme "Ethiopian." One of the couples brought Coke because that's a staple when you eat ethi), and the other couple brought dessert. We had a really great time socializing with both couples and their kids (each one has a boy right around 1 year old). And, to top off the evening, both couples seemed to genuinely like the food! With Ethi food, it's kind of a love it or hate it thing, and they actually asked the names of what we were eating so that they would know what to order in the future! :) Anyway, we had a great time, and the dessert was also delicious. Ethiopians don't really have dessert, so they just brought individual chocolate cake/brownie things with a marshmallow in the middle of each one that she baked here so it was still warm when we ate it with the best vanilla ice cream available (this brand also makes my favorite ice cream of all time: Tillamook Mudslide).


Ronnie said...

I've never had ethi food. How is it? I've heard it's spicy... but i don't like spicy :( i think it would be interesting to try it though!! hint hint! when you come home! :)

Heather said...

mmmmmmm...I really want Ethiopian food!