Thursday, February 7, 2008

Celebs and Cats

I always find it interesting what sorts of things celebrities choose to I saw a commercial for ASPCA in which Martina McBride was advocating sending money to help out orphaned pets. Now, I'm all about stopping animal cruelty, adopting pets instead of killing them, etc., but honestly, do we really need to PAY millions of dollars to advertise when that money could be used to do the very thing they're advocating? What a conundrum!

In other news, last night we were shutting down the house for bed (turning off lights, making sure doors are locked, etc), and I had a hoodie on, with the hood on my head, not pulled down around my neck. Tyler was holding Allie and making his way up the stairs (no lights were on at this time). I had finished all the tasks and started to head up the stairs myself when Tyler suddenly shouts "OWWW!!!" This somewhat startled me, as it was dark and he was already several steps ahead of me. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that I had scared Allie and she was frantically trying to get away by clawing him to shreds! I just laughed it off and felt kinda bad (I'm assuming she didn't recognize me because of the hood). We got upstairs and turned on some lights- with Allie all fuzzed up and still a bit jumpy- and realized that I had scared her more than we first thought...she had peed on Tyler! Now, seriously, who ever heard of scaring a cat so badly that she loses control of her bladder?? That made me feel REALLY badly and I tried to console her for a while. She eventually warmed back up and was back to her usual cuddly self. But, oh, what a story :) Now I can't stop chuckling at the memory of my husband, who hates any type of bodily fluid (pee, poop, throw-up, snot, etc), with cat pee on his shirt and scratches on his shoulder.


Greg and Steph said...

Nice to see you blogging! We have fun with our blog, in order to share pictures and activities of the kids with distant friends and relatives too.

Stupid bro-in-law said...

hahahaha pee on tyler hahahahaha