Friday, June 15, 2018

India (World Wonder #4)

While on international assignment, Boeing gives employees a "home leave," but you don't have to use the trip to go home. We chose to check off another world wonder, but we didn't really want to spend all of our time off in India. So, we flew from Germany to India and spent 2 days there (long enough to see the Taj Mahal), then flew back to Europe for a different kind of adventure (different blog post to follow). India was about what I expected...similar to Africa: hot, humid, dirty, dusty, crazy drivers, nice people, good food.

On the drive to Taj Mahal

Subway is everywhere in the world!

World Wonder #4, check!

The Taj Mahal was built by the Emperor for his favorite wife as a mausoleum. The marble was brought from over 300 kilometers away by elephants. The construction was finished in 1643.

This was a "guest house"

Everybody trying to stay in the shade ;)

Inside the guest house

We also got to tour the Agra Fort which is across the river from the Taj Mahal. This was started in 1565!

Taj Mahal behind us

Our guide

Crazy driving!!!

Random people who wanted to take a picture with us...our guide said they don't see Americans very often and want to take pictures with us when they do. :)

Overall, we thought the Taj Mahal was really beautiful, but soooo hot, even in April! We were glad we didn't plan for more time there, two days was plenty to do what we needed to do. :)