Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not much to report...

Not much is new around here, unless you count house-hunting. We actually had mutual acceptance on a house a few weeks ago and felt excited about it, but it got snatched away at the last minute. Now we're back to the drawing board...We'll see what happens from here. Honestly, I'm feeling rather hopeless about the whole situation. After the ups and downs of being in this holding pattern for more than 2 years, of finding a house that might work only to see the possibility vanish before our very eyes, I'm almost scare to get excited anymore. Maybe we're destined to be renters for a while all can pray for my attitude. Sometimes I get frustrated and feel like we're being too picky, but I also don't want to buy such a huge purchace only to end up having one or the other of us hate it a few years down the road.

Easter was so fun! We met together with some friends from church for a traditional ham and potatoes Easter dinner. :) I love how friends can feel like family when need be, especially on holidays when I'm missing my REAL family. It was a great day full of laughter and teasing with some serious moments thrown in, too.

Other than that, we're just enjoying life. My job is going well (oh yeah, I started a new job about a month ago). I'm working at Neil's dive shop in Kent part time on Thursdays and Fridays. It's a very laid-back job but it's been fun to get more connected in the dive community. I met a guy a few weeks ago, and he asked Tyler and I to join him and his girlfriend on his boat! It was so fun to be out on the water on such a beautiful day (it was sunny and 60 the day we went out with them). Yay for connections! :)