Monday, May 26, 2008


Since I requisitioned your help for snack ideas, I thought you all might enjoy reading what the final decisions were. Here is the list:

Monday (Samson): rice cake with frosting, raisin eyes, apple mouth, pull-n-peel licorice hair; pretzel sticks with jumbo marshmallows as dumbbells

Tuesday (King Hezekiah/Belt of Truth): fruit by the foot to use as a belt; they'll also tear off a little bit and decorate it like a crown; granola "power" bars

Wednesday (Isaiah/Shoes of Peace): twinkies cut in half like shoes, pretzel rods (thick) stuck in as legs, pull-n-peel licorice as laces

Thursday (Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego/Shield of Faith): rice cake with red frosting, 4 teddy grahams to stand up in the "furnace", and red hots

Friday (Jesus/Helmet of Salvation): glazed donuts cut in half and propped up on the cut end (picture a rainbow) to represent the tomb, donut holes to represent the rock that sealed the tomb, and string cheese

Thanks so much for the ideas!!

Life has slowed down a bit around our house since we got back from our trip. We are working on acquiring our own SCUBA gear so we can go diving whenever we feel like it. Hopefully we'll be fully outfitted by July! Tyler has been working more hours to finish up work before his next design review. I have co-hosted 2 baby showers in the last month which have taken some time to prepare for. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE vacations, but they really raise your expectations of "fun" to an almost impossible level that you have to deal with when you return to "real" life. Although, I freely admit, I wouldn't want to not experience the "ultra-fun" on trips just to skip the eventual let-down to reality! Does anybody else deal with this?


Heather said...

that made me laugh about the "fun" expectations after a vacation! I know what you mean!

Those are great snack ideas!